About myself

Hello, I am Johan Lambot, programmer.

Passionate about video games since my childhood, I started on the PC with Doom, Half-Life, Counter Strike, Halo, ... and also on handheld game console Nintendo with Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, ....

Although it is fun to play all these games, I made the choice to look behind the scenes and make my passion my work.

I trained programming in video game for 3 years at HEAJ to get my bachelors degree.
I did one more year at HEAJ and I got a Master 1 degree in specialization in video game with great honor thanks to Eden Project

Currently, I work at IMSIM.

I have skills in C/C++/C#, LUA, PHP, HTML/CSS, and I know to use some softwares like Maya, Unity, UDK et Photoshop.